Our Story

Our magic started with an all-natural product we wanted to make for our children in our home. We continued our journey by deciding that everyone deserves to have the same quality and fixed our goal on delivering the same healthy product to you. You deserve this.

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CHAASHNIG has dedicated itself with heart and soul to deliver the healthiest, tastiest, and most genuine products to its customers. We go out of our way to deliver a product that is all-natural, delicious, and real, in which you may thrive. In fact, we ourselves take CHAASHNIG home to our family and kids to consume.

Our CHAASHNIG SRIRACHA HOT SAUCE is one of a kind without any non-natural preservatives, additives, stabilizers, and non-natural thickeners. NO MORE ADDED WATER. NO MORE ADDED POWDER. NO MORE PRESERVATIVES. ONLY FRESH INGREDIENTS.

CHAASHNIG has zero tolerance policy towards the change of our mission.


We look forward to moving up a step toward organic and biodynamic products. For this, we have already started a good relationship with our farmers to help them move on the next stage of organic and biodynamic fresh ingredients.

We have also collaborated with food-scientists to deliver our vision and mission without any errors.

Proudly Made in Iran

Iran, the land of culture and hospitality, has proven throughout its ancient history to be a part of the collective consciousness of humanity. It has accommodated other people on the earth without any bias on race and religion. Welcoming, friendly and cordial, warm, generous, congenial, and kind-hearted are some of the characteristics embedded in our culture and poetry.

We are very proud to be able to work with the best craftsmen, engineers, and scientists of our homeland to make our way through the challenges we face and deliver our mission and vision in our lovely home country Iran.

We at CHAASHNIG want the world to know the truth about our hearts by delivering our 100% genuine healthy products considering our mission and vision. Hence, we will take pride in running such a business and showing that we are decisive and resolute in what we deliver.